work with so gisselle brand ambassador I have built a strong community of women who enjoy unique and luxurious lifestyle accessories. 
With a strong email list and social media presence, I am an active leader in the conversation of women's fashion, design and travel.
I thrive on helping women owned businesses find success doing what they love. 
Here are ways to collaborate with So Gisselle.
Email to inquire about any of these services.

Brand Ambassador
Would you like me to share your product or collection with So Gisselle followers and customers? Let's get you out there! We can do branding photoshoots, flay lay collaborations, email marketing, and all types of social media. 

Quarterly Flay Lay Photoshoots
Get exposure being with other women brands with professional images. Not only will you be able to tag other women brands, but they will be sharing your company with as well as theirs. It benefits everyone.

Brand Consultations 
Ever wonder what women will think of your product or collection? I am constantly in front of women showcasing international designers. I see how they purchase and why they purchase. Hire me to get my insider secrets, from packing, product, and the overall look of your brand.

Personal Flat Lay Photoshoots
Do you need a flat lay for your brand, product or collection? Let's get you professional images so you can share them with your customers via social media, email marketing, and ads.